Things to do to Keep Windows Fast

After few days and managing my time I am finally able to post an article today that will guide you in keeping your copy of Windows safe and fast.

There are many points one can think of to keep their copy of Windows run fast and some are listed below but if you also any other as well then do share it here.


1.    The first and the foremost thing would be to ensure that you keep it virus free, so just have a good Anti Virus installed and keep it updated.

2.    Remove all the unwanted programs and software that you have installed in your system and the ones you do not use any more.

3.    Defragmentation surely help. Install any defragmentation software and run it once a while which will ensure that your hard disk responds quickly to your commands.

4.    Clean all the temporary files that have been stored in your computer automatically (use disk cleanup for that).

5.    And of course upgrading your hardware will help too.

So keep your computer trash free and it will respond quickly.

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