Tiny On Screen Keyboard for your Apple Watch?

With the inventions of smart watches, there have been endless opportunities for researchers and developers to develop apps and software for it. If you thought smart watches like Apple Watch is too small to fit in a keyboard, we have some researchers thinking otherwise.

The researchers from Universitat Politècnica de València and the University of Stuttgart, have developed a tiny on-screen keyboard for the smart watches that can be used easily and should not be too bad to use. Some would say, it is best to have the interactive voice technology in the watch, so that you don’t have to type, just talk but still it’s not terrible to have the keyboard in the watch too.


This penny sized small on screen keyboard developed for the watches, works well and all you need is little patience to type. The first prototype built was called Callout that showed a pop bubble wherever you pressed on the keyboard and slide to highlight the key before lifting the finger. Next prototype was developed with some zoom features and is called as ZShift.

With the keyboard size this small, if you are wondering it would be difficult to type then you would be glad to know about the aggressive error correction algorithms, which makes typing easy. The keyboards have been tested in 16 and 32mm sizes.

Although the keyboard works great but do consider using the phone or computer for typing a long message [via]

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