Tiny USB Office: All Software Package Less than 3 MB

It happens many times that we need to work on different machines and we are unsure whether the system would be having the required software installed in it or not. We need to use many software like Office, PDF, chat etc but if you work a lot from different computers then you would want to have the tools with you always.

The biggest problem in having all the software would be their bulky size and the insufficiency of the admin rights for installation in different machines. This problem is solved with the use of a tool called Tiny USB Office which is the improved version of the Floppy Office.

Tiny USB Office is the small, portable productivity software suite which offers a collection of unique standalone free software applications. If you find yourself working on different machines and like the idea of having portable software that you can access hassle-free from any computer, then this is the package for you.

Tiny USB Office offers you the following software all-in-one package:

•    Database Creation – with CSVed
•    Data Encryption – with DScrypt
•    Email Client Software – with NPopUK
•    File Compression – with 100 Zipper
•    File Sharing – with HFS
•    File Transfer – with FTP Wanderer
•    Flowchart Creation – with EVE Vector Editor
•    MSN Messenger Client – with PixaMSN
•    Tree-Style Outliner Software – with Mempad
•    PDF Creation – with PDF Producer
•    Password Recovery – with XPass
•    Secure Deletion – with DSdel
•    Spreadsheet Creation – with Spread32
•    Text Editing – with TedNotepad
•    Word Processing – with Kpad
•    Program Launching – with Qsel

The main advantage of this tool is that it is only 2.5 MB in size and require no installation, thus it is the perfect product for you if you tend to work on many machines. All the software are in their basic form and thus small in size but are the best to use when you are on the move!

Download Tiny USB Office

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