Tip of the Week: Uninstall unwanted Programs

Despite of the busy schedule and the hectic day we are back with this week’s edition of Tip of the Week.

This week’s tip is to keep your system clean by uninstalling unwanted programs and applications from your computer.


We have a habit of installing several programs in our computer don’t we? But with the passage of the time it happens that we no longer use the same program but we don’t usually remove it.

What this does is it makes our system run the extra application in background that we don’t use and also occupies space in the hard disk memory. Needless to mention, cleaning the unwanted things is a good habit.


•    Uninstalling or removing the useless programs makes our computer run faster as this is also one of the causes that slow it down.

•    Saves that precious memory which can be used to storing various data.

•    Lesser the data, lesser the chances of losing it at the time of disk crash.

•    Fewer loads on the computer RAM.

So try to delete and remove all the unwanted programs that are present in your PC this weekend.

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