Tip of the Week: Vacuum your CPU

So you have a CPU fan that is producing lot of noise or the CPU is getting heated a lot, whatever be the reason this week’s tip will solve your problems.

If you have not removed the dust from your computer for a long time now, do it this weekend. It is a good practice to blow out all the dust from your computer parts inside the CPU and this practice is capable of solving many unknown problems.

Requirements: We need a small vacuum cleaner that can blow out the dust from the CPU box.


1.    Unplug your CPU and take the CPU box out while removing all the wires.

2.    Place the CPU on a table in open.

3.    Open the CPU side lid.

4.    Reverse Vacuum your components so that it can blow out the dust in your CPU box.

5.    Special blow of air may be given to the SMPS/Fan box as it contains most of the dust.

6.    Believe me if you do it properly, your computer will breathe freely.


•    Cleaning the dust ensures proper running of the hardware.

•    Less chances of hardware getting defected in near future.

•    The fan noise gets vanished completely.

It is a good habit to perform this once every 2-3 months and do not forget to do it this weekend.

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