Tip To Open Multiple Instances of a Program

It happens with all of us that we want to use more than one window of a program at the same time. For example if we want to copy some files from one disk to another, we have to first select and copy the files from one disk and then we have to go to the destination folder and paste those files there. Instead we would like to have two windows, so that we can simply drag and drop the files.

It happens even if we want two web browser windows open so that we can display them next to each other on the computer monitor. Or you may want two messaging program windows to separate work and home accounts. So what should you do?

How to open multiple windows of a program:

If the program that you want to run is pinned on the taskbar, then the easiest way to open the program is by double clicking on the icon present on the taskbar. But it happens sometimes that there are several programs on our system which are not shown on the taskbar even if it is running, they get minimized in the system tray.

If you click on them they just show you the main window. They will not allow you to open another window of the same program. For that all you have to do is just press ‘shift’ on your keyboard and left click on the program and another window of that program will get opened on your screen. For programs which are secured by elevated rights, then you can use Ctrl-Shift and left-click combination.

The combination for the programs of system tray can be used for any program except for the one with elevated rights. The following combinations work well under Windows 7 and newer versions of Windows. However, they have not been tested under Windows XP or Vista, and hopefully it won’t work under those operating systems.

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