Tips to Extend iPhone Battery Life

There are many things that you can do with your iPhone like watch movies, listen to songs, check emails, work from it or just use the internet or the Wi-Fi but all these consume lots of battery and thus our phone needs to be charged again and again.

Well if you are one of the persons who are facing this problem, then here are some tips that can make your iPhone battery last longer.

1.    Keeping off the Push services

Push email and other services that use push notifications tend to lower the battery life. Push services are the services that are always connected to the internet and this requires good battery usage, thus reduces the battery life.
Thus use internet and other push services whenever required.

How to turn Push services off:
Keep the following services Off, WiFi, 3G, Push Notifications, Bluetooth and Location services.

2.    Low network coverage area:

So when you are in the low network areas where there is no or very less network signals, then it is better to keep the phone in the Airplane Mode so as to avoid unnecessary signal search by the phone which in turn consumes battery.

3.    Run the latest software update: yes, it’s true that running the latest OS saves battery since the new OS are always fixed for battery.

4.    Screen brightness: Keeping the brightness of the screen to maximum always uses more battery, isn’t it obvious?

5.    Background services: Try to keep all the services/programs closed when not in use to avoid unnecessary battery waste.

6.    Keep the iPhone away from source of heat, sunlight and other things that can affect the battery like magnetic field.

Well if you have other points then you can list them below.

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