Tips to Handle Laptop – Part 2

We love to work on our laptop more than our desktop, don’t we? Thus for this reason, we need to take extra care while handling the laptops and take good care of them. I have written earlier about some tips on handling the laptop, here are more to the series.

•    Protecting the LCD
Never pick up a laptop by holding the LCD, and never push, squeeze or otherwise apply force to the LCD or to its surrounding screen. What this will do is, it will help protecting the LCD from getting damaged/scratched and will also protect the liquid present in the display.

•    If you find your screen damaged or something then it is better not to touch the screen as the liquid present in the screen may spill out.

•    Do not wipe the surface of the LCD with a wet cloth. Always use a soft, dry cloth, instead.

•    Do not place any object (notepads/paper documents etc.) between the keyboard and LCD screen while closing the laptop, this could damage both the screen and the keyboard.

•    It is better to not to keep any object (light or heavy) on to a laptop, as it may damage it with its weight or magnetic properties.

The tips are not new but just an observations that I wanted to share with you so that you can extract the most out of your system.

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