Tips to Handle the Laptop

Laptops come handy at various situations and in places where the desktops cannot be used but apart from using these it becomes our responsibility to ensure that this product stays with us for a longer time.

So here are the tips that will guide you on how to use the Laptops to maximize their life in this week’s Tip of the Week.

Shut It Down

A laptop does require rest and therefore it is necessary to shut down the laptop when not in use. Shutting down when not in use also prevents the laptop from overheating.

Adjusting Power Settings

Adjusting your power options will help your laptop from heating up when not in use even if for short periods of time. Keeping the laptops on hibernation or standby is a good option.

Before You Pack It Up

Make sure that you before you put your laptop into its carrying bag that it is shut down. A notebook that has been left on can melt. When enclosed in a notebook bag there is no air circulation and the results can be worse than melting.

Avoid Lap Burn

Longer use of the device can cause burns to your lap, thus to prevent this you can use the laptop desk or cooler. On the other hand, some laptops also have more vents for the heat to escape.

Soft Spots

Always make a habit to not to use a soft material like a soft cloth as a buffer between the laptop and your lap. Try to keep it up on a hard surface that allows proper ventilation.

Unplug Accessories

Whenever your laptop will not be in use, even for short periods of time remember to unplug any accessories. Not only do they use power but they could cause the laptop to overheat.

These are the safe practices that will ensure the maximum life of your important product. So how you liked this post?

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  1. One of the important factor that most of us forget when using the laptop is the battery life. Switch off your wifi and bluetooth when you are not using them. They two will consume a lot of battery.


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