Tips to Improve Wireless Network Strength

If you work on the Wireless Network and are facing this problem of low strength or poor network connectivity then here the few tips that you could do to improve the network strength.

1.    Place your Wireless Router in some centre location

If you place the wireless router in some central location of your home then you have better chance of receiving strong signals as compared to the one placed in some corner or near the wall.

2.    Move the router away from the walls, strong objects and off the floor.

Strong metallic objects and walls reduce the wireless strength considerably.

3.    Replace you router’s antenna

If your router placement is such that you require the signals only in one direction then do replace the default antenna that are omni-directional with a new one which is uni-directional.

4.    Replace your computer’s wireless network adapter

This might also be the case for your poor wireless strength, try replacing your network adapter like the PC wireless card. Getting a new card would help your system connect to the wifi router easily.

5.    Install a new wireless repeater

If you use your computer well away from the wireless router then adding a repeater mid-way is a good option as it would extend the signals without requiring any wiring.

6.    Switch to another wireless channel

Try changing your wireless router’s channel through your router’s configuration page to see if your signal strength improves. You don’t need to change your computer’s configuration, because it’ll automatically detect the new channel.

7.    Reduce wireless interference

Other wireless devices like the cordless phone, interferes with the wireless signals from the router and may reduce the strength.

8.    Update the firmware

If you find that the latest firmware for the router is available then upgrading would definitely help improving the strength.

9.    Equipment of same brand

Try using all the equipment like the router and the network adapter, or repeater of the same brand as it would also help you gain better performance.

10.    Upgrade 802.11b devices to 802.11g

802.11b is the most common type of wireless network, but 802.11g is about five times faster. If you’re buying new equipment, definitely choose 802.11g.

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