Tips to Reduce Spam Emails

All of us use emails for communication and thus each one of us must have come across some spam emails every day. No one like Spam Messages and thus in this Tip of the Week, I share the tips to reduce these. First of all let’s get to know what these Spam Emails are and how are they being received by us.

What is Email Spam?

The term spam refers to unsolicited, often unwanted, e-mail messages that we receive in our email inboxes, though most of the email service providers, provide us with a folder named Junk that catches these emails automatically. With the help of spam, threats like Spyware, Adware and Trojan Horses can infiltrate networks.

Tips to reduce Spam messages/emails

If you ensure to adhere to following tips while surfing the internet then you are sure to reduce the number of email spam that are received by you every day.

• Don’t give your e-mail address out arbitrarily because most people target users whose email address is easily available.

• Check privacy policies of different web sites: Before submitting your e-mail address online, look for a privacy policy so that you know what the owners of the site plan to do with the information.

• Be aware of options selected by default: Deselect the option to receive e-mail about other products and services. Watch out for more options while registering your account online.

 Don’t follow links in spam messages: If you do so, you are a perfect target for sending more spam with more serious threats. Clicking on links within Spam messages just confirms to the sender that your e-mail address is valid.

• Report each spam that you receive in your Inbox because for every spam that you report, the Spam Guard (or the Spam filter) would work better the next time.

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