Today is the Last Day for Official Support of Windows XP

Since you are already aware that April 8, 2014 is the last day for the official support of Windows XP, the users will have no more technical support or updates for their most loved OS.

Well what does this mean?

This means that, you would still be able to use your Windows XP OS without any issues and the same way you were using it however there will be no more on call support to fix your OS problems and also there would be no more security and update patches for your OS, thereby making your system prone to attacks and vulnerable to security.


Today marks the last day of the support officially for XP, and starting tomorrow you won’t have any support for the OS. However your apps like Antivirus will keep running the same way and will continue to receive updates, it’s just the MS products like Office which will not receive any updates and fixes, something which shouldn’t be taken lightly.

This also means that you should expect more and more security attacks on your OS from the hackers who would be targeting that leak in your OS. I know there are people who are still using XP and also plan to continue that but I think it’s the right time to upgrade and experience new and better functionality of the Win 7 or 8.

Not sure, if you are using XP or not?

There might be a case when your OS is so much customized that you are finding it difficult to determine if you are using the XP OS or not. For those scenarios, MS has launched a service called as that aims to let you know if you are still using XP or not.

Not sure, if your system would be able to handle the new OS?

The biggest confusion for people before upgrade is that if their system would be able to handle the requirements of the new OS or not. For those cases, MS has a service called as Windows Upgrade Assistant Tool that will analyze your PC’s hardware and software to determine if you can handle a newer OS.

Next is to transfer all your data from XP to 7 or 8 and in case you are not very sure of the process, then you can again use this MS service called as PC Mover Express for Windows XP that will help you to migrate your settings, data and files from XP to Win 7 or 8. [via]

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