Tools to take Automatic Screenshots Periodically

Taking a single screenshot of either the whole screen or the current active window is easy and can be done either by using Print Screen button or using the Windows Snipping tool but what if you require series of snapshots of certain application? Holding the application and manually taking the screenshot is very irritating as it also breaks the continuity.

There are tools that can help us with this problem. Using these tools we can easily configure them to capture the screenshots after certain specified period of interval. These are the tools that capture the screenshot automatically for us.

First tool is the famous IrfanView

Almost each one of us must have heard/used this tool. This is a great tool that does several basic and advance things on the pictures. Apart from normal features, it can be used to capture the screenchots automatically after some intervals specified by us.

Just run this tool, press C on keyboard and in the window that opens just enter the time interval to capture. It will make your life easy.

Another good tool I came across is the “Automatically Take Screenshots”.

As the name suggests, this software is an excellent solution for users who need to take screen captures at designed intervals. Click on the “Start Capture” button and close it to minimize. Rest it will take care of.

The only thing it missed is the hotkey pressing which we can take screenshots whenever we want, however it is still a great share.

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  1. I was looking for something like this but for taking periodic shots of web pages, after looking for some time and not finding any, I’ve decided to build one 😀 So if future generation of people who want to take periodic shots of the web find this comment they can find my periodic shooter here:

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