Top 10 Google searches of 2011

The New Year is round the corner and we bid a warm good bye to the year 2011 that has been full of activities throughout. We have seen the launch of iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and other devices this year. We thought of sharing the official list of top 10 searches made in Google this year.

Google has recently released its list of searches called Zeitgeist 2011 that lists all the popular searches made in the year 2011 worldwide. You can not only see the searches made worldwide but also in some particular country using the filters present.

This is the eleventh year that Google has performed the mammoth task of sorting billions of queries through its search engine to identify the 10 terms with the highest growth rate during the year. The list not only lists the top searches but also provide the highlights of the year in a video.

The graph that is present on the website also provides some cool way of comparison between some terms worldwide. Top 10 searches in the year 2011 include:

Rebecca Black who topped the charts after her music video “Friday”, Google +, iPhone 5, Steve Jobs and iPad 2.

To know more you can visit the official Google list Zeitgeist 2011. What according to you missed to be in the list? [via]


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