Top 10 Things to do on your Computer When you are Snowed In

It is that time of the year when you are in festive mood and the weather outside is lot cooler. While not everyone faces the same weather conditions, there are places that even receive snowfall. For all those who live in those areas, there is always a possibility of snowed in anytime. So what would you do if you find yourself snowed in, some morning? Well here are some ideas which you can work out on your computer and that might come handy.


1. Pending Work
I don’t usually suggest anyone to bring their office work to home, but in case you have some for you, then it is good time to complete your pending work at home.

2. Movies
In case you are someone who likes to watch movies a lot, then consider this day like an extra day to watch all your favourite titles.

3. Read/Research on some event
It is a good time to read on something that you have always wanted. For example, reading more about some place, some festival, or may be some famous character like Hitler, or may be some event in history. What’s better than Wikipedia for that?

4. Skype
So it has been long since you have talked to someone important? The next best time is now, why not go ahead and setup a skype video call with your loved one?

5. Gaming
“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. I am sure all you gamers would already be playing on your machines and utilizing this day. You can even connect online and play some online games too.

6. Pay Bills
Yes you can make use of this opportunity to pay the household bills and get rid of them sooner this time.

7. Cooking Recipes
If you are into cooking then you can go online and read some cooking recipes to cook something new this evening. Why not surprise your spouse with some new dish tonight?

8. Youtube Tutorials
Since you have time today, it is also a good opportunity to learn something new today, for which Youtube is one of the better options available.

9. Take up freelancing project
You can also cash out this day today and take up some freelancing project online. So if you are good at something, why not cash on it and spend your time in a fruitful manner.

10. Social networking sites, shopping
Of course, the social networking sites have always been there for you. Go online and catch up with your friends online and share some light moments or may be shop some stuffs for you online.

There are many more things that you can do; these are just some of the common things that you can do on your computer when snowed in.

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