Top 20 Street Fighter Characters

No doubt Street Fighter is one of the favorite games of many people including me. I used to play it some years ago but have been out of touch for a long time. So the release of Street Fighter 4 is good news to me.

Here is the list of Top 20 Street Fighter Characters of all time for all you Street Fighter lovers:

20. Yun and Yang

19. Sheng Long

18. Dan

17. Deejay

16. Alex

15. Ibuki

14. Dhalsim

13. Sakura

12. Vega

11. E. Honda

10. Guile

9. Akuma

8. Sagat

7. Cammy

6. Ken

5. M. Bison

4. Blanka

3. Zangief

2. Ryu

1. Chun Li

How you would like the characters to fare in the list?


10 Replies to “Top 20 Street Fighter Characters”

  1. 1. E. Honda
    2. Chun Li
    3. Blanka
    4. Dhalsim
    5. Zangief

    6. Vega
    7. Ken
    8. Ryu
    9. M. Bison
    10. Guile

    11. Sagat
    12. Cammy
    13. Balrog
    14. Akuma
    15. Charlie

    16. Gouken (Sheng Long incarnated)
    17. T. Hawk
    18. Birdie
    19. Adon
    20. Dee Jay

    21. Fei Long
    22. Sodom
    23. Eagle
    24. Rufus
    25. Doctrine Dark

    That’s a list that really lets the franchise shine. It isn’t top heavy with the guys that we’ll pick whenever we play the game instead it pays homage to the top 5 characters that are absolute staples in the Street Fighter universe; each unique and deserving of their place.

  2. my top would be
    1st guile
    2nd akuma/gouki
    3rd cammy white
    4th garuda
    5th skullomania
    6th sean matsuda
    7th dudley
    8th ryu
    10th kairi
    11th fei.long
    12th ken masters
    13th el.fuerte
    14th area
    15th vega/claw
    16th alex
    17th urien
    18th karin
    19th twelve
    20th elena

  3. this is my more accurate top 20 sf’s ever existed!
    19th remy
    18th elena
    17th vega/claw
    16th area
    15th garuda
    14th ken masters
    13th urien
    12th sean matsuda
    10th cammy white
    9th fei.long
    8th r.mika
    7th kairi
    6th skullomania
    5th ryu
    4th alex
    3rd doctrine.dark
    2nd akuma/gouki
    1st guile

  4. my top 10 worst sf’s ever!
    1st necro
    2nd blanka
    3rd yang
    4th t.hawk
    5th sharon
    6th lee
    7th yun
    8th gen
    9th ibuki
    10th makoto

  5. my top 20 street fighters!
    1st guile
    2nd dudley
    3rd cammy
    5th ryu
    6th ken
    7th akuma
    8th sagat
    9th fei.long
    10th alex
    11th karin
    12th sakura
    13th cody
    14th juri
    15th m.bison/dictator
    16th vega/claw
    17th balrog/boxer
    18th kairi
    19th remy
    20th sean matsuda

  6. my top ten most worst sf’s ever!
    1st sodom
    2nd necro
    3rd gen
    4th t.hawk
    5th hakan
    6th rufus
    7th seth
    8th el.fuerte
    9th lee
    10th ace

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