Top 25 Worst Passwords of 2013

It is very important for all of us to keep really good and strong passwords so that guessing them or trying to crack them becomes very difficult. However, you won’t believe that most people use the easiest of the passwords for their online accounts which shall take only some seconds for a hacker to crack it. The main reason why people tend to choose simple passwords is because it allows them to easily memorize it. Also, it won’t surprise you to know that most of us use the same password on our most logins.

We have been advising people not to use the simple passwords and also methods on how to choose difficult yet easy to remember passwords. If you happened to miss out on our old post, then do read it here as it will not only tell you how easily crackable your passwords are but will also provide you with some tips on selecting one.


SplashData, which has been a leading provider of password management applications for over 10 years, come up with the worst passwords list every year. This year too, it had shared the worst passwords that most people had kept for themselves in 2013. Please see that the list is only for educational purpose and not to encourage the same password reuse.


Here are some of my observations after reading the password list.

• Majorly used password “password” had fallen to position 2 whereas the password “123456” which held the position in 2012 has now moved up to position 1 in 2013.
• Some other passwords in the Top Ten include “qwerty,” “abc123,” “111111,” and “iloveyou”. I mean seriously? C’mon guys, keep something difficult to guess!
• People also have the tendency to keep short numeric passwords like 1234, 12345 or even 000000. While most websites does not allow short passwords, some do and this is where passwords like these are kept.

Hope you realize Passwords are the only thing that we have us to control our accounts and keep away from trouble, so why not keep something tricky to guess. If you need tips on how to keep them, read this article.

We will try to publish this list again for the worst passwords kept in this year, the next year. [via]

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