Top 5 Gadgets of 2011 and 2012

We are here with one more list of the top 5 entries for this year and the coming one. We wanted to highlight the best gadgets of year 2011 and also what gadget to watch out for in 2012. So here we are with the list that shows top 5 gadgets of the year 2011 and also for the next year 2012.

Top 5 Gadgets for 2011:

1. iPhone 4S

With all the hype around iPhone 5 to be released this year, we did see the launch of the next model but this was iPhone 4S. With the new feature of voice recognition based artificial intelligence called Siri, this is the device that tops our list.

2. iPad 2

The leaner, meaner and slimmer iPad 2 beats its competition fair apart and also rules the tablet market.

3. Galaxy Nexus

The Samsung Google phone made news when it was first released in UK. With Super AMOLED display and latest Android version Ice Cream Sandwich, this is the phone worth buying.

4. Amazon Kindle Fire

Famously known as “iPad Killer” and customized by Amazon has definitely made it to the top 5 gadgets of 2011.

5. Canon EOS 1DX

Put simply, this is the perfect DSLR to date. It combines many of the features of the 1D Mark IV and the 1Ds models with many major upgrades.

Top 5 Gadgets to look in 2012:

1. iPhone 5

With new launches of the iPhone till know, we know it is coming just not sure when. iPhone 5 will surely be the phone to watch out next year.

2. iPad 3

Apple has been constantly able to maintain its position in the tablet market with the new models of the iPad, surely we are expecting the iPad 3 next year with new and improved features.

3. Wii U

Nintendo’s new console features a significant amount of power compared to the previous version of the Wii, but it’s the controller that has a lot of people excited.

4. Windows 8

Surely something to wait for the next year, this is going to be one major revolution in 2012. Microsoft has designed it to be similar and accessible on PCs, tablets and phones.

5. Ultrabooks

Thinking of buying more portable laptop? Then it would be the Ultrabook that you all need. We are expecting one soon in the year 2012.

Note: The list may vary person to person and has been compiled by us after some research on the internet. We would still love to hear from you, drop a comment.

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  1. WOW ! the 5. Canon EOS 1DX
    is good only on paper for now, shouldn’t be on this list according to me. It should ship in 4-5 months

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