Top Mobiles for Gaming in 2014

Now that we are well into the New Year many people are looking at the many different pieces of technology that will come out this year, however known quite as important to most people as their mobile phone and since many people like to upgrade their phone every now and again, looking at what will come out this year is quite exciting.

The main reason why somebody would want to keep up to date with their mobile phone is often because they want to play games. Since you need a little extra power in order to play online casino games, this does make sense. So here are a few of the upcoming phones for this year.

HTC are renowned for making fantastic phones and this year will probably be no different as they intend to expand on the HTC One family by bringing out the HTC One 2. Just like its predecessor this phone will no doubt come out and blow away the competition and by being a phone that has a smooth user experience it will be great for gaming.


One phone that many people forgot about, in the last generation was the Nokia; this is because they released their phones on the Windows platform instead of android or iOS operating systems. However the Nokia Lumia have proven themselves as great phones and so the Nokia Lumia 929 that is scheduled to come out this year also looks just as competitive with a great quad core processor as well as a 20 megapixel camera.


When you carry your phone around you want it to be comfortable in the hand if you’re going to play games and so this year one phone that may interest you is the Samsung Galaxy Round. This is because the phone has been designed with a bend in the body going up the center of the phone horizontally in order to make it fit more in the hand. This might help gamers who game for a long time on the phones and keep a comfortable hand position.


So which one are you buying this year?

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