Track and Manage your Caffeine Consumption in a Day

Most of us like drinking Coffee, don’t we? For some it’s not about the taste, rather it’s the job that makes them drinking and keep awake. Being an IT engineer myself, I have also developed the habit of drinking coffee regularly and taking the regular coffee breaks. So if you are also someone who likes drinking coffee in some or the other ways, then this post should help you.

Whether it is a regular coffee, espresso, mocha or may be a Tea, it is always a good idea to track how much caffeine you are consuming daily (as you know consuming much caffeine regularly is not good for health). You can do this either manually by memorizing, making a note of it somewhere or may be let this app do it for you.


The app is called as Caffeine Tracker and what it does is, it allows you to track and manage the intake of caffeine that you are consuming regularly. The app comes with presets of Coffee, Espresso, Soda and Tea as drinks but there is a way to add other drinks as well.


It is a good way to track how much caffeine you have already had in last 24 hours and thus can compare with the recommended level based on your age, height and other factors. Please note that you should set this app first as the caffeine intake depends on various factors like your age, sex, weight and other things. Thus for more accurate analysis, you should configure the app first.


So whenever you drink any beverage having caffeine you need to enter the data into this app and if the drink itself isn’t there, add it first. You can also select the measurement in ounces or milliliters. This way you can more precisely (if not accurately) monitor the amount of caffeine that you are consuming regularly.

Based on the settings, the app analyzes the caffeine intake and produces the report on the screen. This app is free in the play store however it comes with ads. If you really like the app then you can go for the paid version of the app too.

Download Caffeine Tracker Lite

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