Track, Lock or Erase your Lost or Stolen Android phone with Google Android Device Manager

If you are guy who travel a lot, then you are more prone to losing your phone than the other guys. Well it’s not a criteria but anyone can lose or get their phone stolen from anywhere or anytime. There are lot many apps that you can install to keep a track of your phone and can also go for mobile insurance which the network providers provide but the reason why I am writing a post today on this is that you can keep a track of your phone without installing any app and using a service from a trusted brand called Google.

If you have a recently updated Android phone you must be having the Google Android Device Manager by default in it and this is what will keep your phone secure. The service was released in August last year and you can make use of this free service to track, lock or even erase the contents on your phone remotely.


I have a Galaxy Note 2 phone with my Gmail configured, so when I visited the service on my computer, it automatically detected my phone’s location without doing anything (to almost 100% accuracy which amazed me as you can see in the screenshot above). Moreover I now have three more options Ring, Lock and Erase.


• The Ring option will ring your phone in full volume for 5 minutes until the power button in pressed.
• You can use the Lock option to override your phone’s lock and send a new password. Even if your phone had a pattern, PIN or any other unlock method, you can set a new unlock password remotely.
• The Erase option lets your erase all your confidential data remotely from your phone if you want to ensure that it don’t reaches the hands of any unwanted person.


If the web link of the Android Device Manager is showing Lock and Erase options unavailable to you then you need to enable it from your phone first. Go to Google Settings app in your phone, and visit Android Device Manager option at the bottom and enable the option of “Allow remote lock and factory reset”.


The service would not work if the phone is in Airplane mode but will work the instant it comes in network. In my view, it is a great service to keep your phone and data secure.

Visit Google Android Device Manager

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