Track your Friends’ Relationship Status Change on Facebook

If you are one of the persons who secretly admire someone added in your friends list on Facebook and want to know instantly whenever his/her relationship status changes to Single, then this article will help you a lot.

Facebook has become the primary thing to showcase the relationship status for the people, and tracking the relationship status of someone again and again is not that easy. Well, not any more, here is a simple Facebook App called Breakup Notifier which will help you in this regard.

What this application does is it sends out to you an email informing that the relationship status of the friend you asked has been changed from the one set till now. The app sends an email whenever the relationship status changes.

Just visit this application on Facebook, login with your credentials and select the friend to spy from your friends’ list. That is all, from now on whenever the person will change his/her relationship status, an email will be sent to you informing about the update.

Visit Breakup Notifier

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