Transfer all Installed Software from one PC to Another without Reinstalling

If you have migrated from one computer to another or just know how troublesome it feels to install all the programs that are already installed in your old computer, then am sure you would not want to miss this article. So whether you have reinstalled the same OS, or upgraded to another OS or just bought a new PC, you know the big task is to make a list of all the programs that were there in your old machine and install them back on the new one.

Well this is not easy as there might be some tools that were licensed, and you will then have to get the key back so that you can install on the new one too. So whatever be the situation, here is a simple yet free tool called as PickMeApp that will do everything for you.


How PickMeApp works:

PickMeApp is a simple to use tool that can help you in transferring the same already installed programs in your old computer to a new one without the need of installing them back. It is a portable tool that doesn’t need any installation, and you just have to double click it to run it.

When you see the PickMeApp window, just select all the tools that you wish to migrate to the new computer and put them in a package. Next when you start the Capture process, PickMeApp will capture all the necessary files from the software and put them in the same package.

Now for easier installation in the new system, you can create the exe files of this package, so that when you double click the exe file, it will automatically put all the tools which were put in the package back to the machine in one go.

Note: Please note couple of things, before you start with the transfer process. PickMeApp will not transfer any program from newer OS to older OS like Windows 7 to Windows XP and also will not work when migrating from 64 bit OS to 32 bit OS for the obvious compatibility issues. Moreover be aware of the adware that might install while using this tool.

Watch the video above for more understanding and detailed product review.

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