Transfer Data from Android Phone to Dropbox Automatically

Today android phones or smartphones are like small computers in our pockets. We have stored a lot of content in our phones whether it is contacts, images, notes, texts and lots more. Hence it is necessary to make a backup of all the material present on our phones.

Previously we used to make backups on our computers/laptop. If the content is very important for us, then we sometimes store the backup on CDs or Pen Dives. But if any how the system gets crashed, what will you do? With the introduction of cloud storage services this problem has been solved to great extent.

Now the issue is that you have to connect your phone with your pc every time to make a backup of the content. You can keep your backup updated, as we don’t get so much time to create backup after every update. Hence ‘Clickfree’ Backup an application in Google play store will help you automatically back up all your valuable content locally (SD card) and to Dropbox.

To create a backup, select options in the main window of the application and select the items you want to backup. Then select where to create a backup. You can either create a backup on your phone or on Dropbox by entering your login details.

This is a free application that is very easy to use with too little configuration. The application allows you to view the photographs that are present in the backup. You can also enjoy your favorite music and videos with the built in music player. It supports android 2.2 or later versions.

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