Transfer Files and Apps from iOS Devices to PC with Syncios

For all those who have been using iOS devices like the iPhone, iPad or iPod know that how difficult it is transferring the data and other stuffs back and forth using iTunes. There are some limitations that we have to bear while using iTunes and iOS devices like we can’t transfer data back from iPhone to the computer, inability in using iPhone as mass storage device despite its high storage capacity. Well these were just few limitations, I am sure you must be facing several others too.

In case these problems are affecting you then here is some cool solution that I have come across recently. With the help of this free tool called Syncios, you can come over most of these and use your iOS devices without any problems. Whether your device is jailbroken or not this app will work best for you.

The application interface is pretty good, and simple to use. It displays the device information on the left side whenever you connect it like the device name, jailbroken or not, firmware and serial number. You can use this tool for many purposes like you can use it to transfer app .ipa files from your iOS device to anywhere on your computer, store images and videos from device to PC, manage playlist and other things.

One feature that I liked the most with Syncios is that it can make your iOS device work as mass storage like a pen drive (something which we have been missing a lot). Just click on the Virtual File System button on left, and now you can transfer files and data to your iPhone and other devices, for storage and carrying with you.

The tool is free to use and works well on Windows XP, Vista and 7. Just ensure you have the latest version of iTunes installed in your system too.

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