Transfer Installation files from one drive to another

Does it happen with you that sometimes you find your local disk drive, where you have installed your windows is full and does not support any further installation of applications? If the same situation is faced by you, what would you do? Directly go to that local disk and delete or uninstall some unused applications so that you may install your new files, isn’t it?

But what if you do not have any further unused applications to uninstall or after a period of time you need those uninstalled files back? The first thing that comes to your mind is to transfer some of existing installations to another drive. But the question is how?  Do not worry; we are always there to help you.

There is an application called SymMover which actually allows you to move existing installations from one disk drive to another. It helps you get rid off the overhead of uninstalling and reinstalling the applications from one drive to another.

Further we will brief you that how to take advantage from this utility by giving you an example.

Firstly you have to install this program. Then run it and search for any existing installed file that you want to move and add that installation folder in the app.

You can transfer the folder to any of the drive or you can get the same folder back from the drive in which you have transferred it.

This app is really helpful and it is very simple to transfer installation folders from one drive to another. However, this utility is only available to the users of windows 7 and Vista. Also note that you cannot use it until you have administrator access on your machine. For more information and to download this application visit the link given below.

Download SymMover

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