Transfer iTunes Music Library to a New Computer

I use iTunes to manage my iPhone’s music but recently I was required to move my iTunes Library consisting of Music, playlists and other things to a new computer, so that I will not have to create another iTunes library there.

Following are the steps to backup and transfer your iTunes library:

1.    Run iTunes, go to Edit-> Preferences and click on Advanced tab. Now check the button reading “Keep iTunes Music folder organized”. Click OK.

2.    After that again go the Advanced tab to have a backup of all the music stored in the library.

3.    Give the location of the drive in the “iTunes Music Folder Location” where you want to store all the songs and music of the library by clicking on the change button.

NOTE: The drive that you are providing should have a lot of free space (may be you could use your iPhone/iPod or an external drive).

4.    Click OK on the window after giving in the new location.

5.    Now we need to actually move the library, for that From the File menu, choose Library and then Consolidate Library.

6.    You will see a message reading “Consolidating your library will copy all of your music into the iTunes Music folder. This cannot be undone”. Click Consolidate as this will move the music to the new location.

7.    Now just delete the old music location folder to save space.

Above steps would backup the library so that you can transfer the contents to a new computer. But if you also wish to backup the play count etc, then use following steps.

1.    Click on File-> Library -> Export Library and save the file as a XML document.

2.    Take the file to new location and restore it from the new iTunes in the new computer.

Let me know your experiences.

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