Transfer Large Files Online using WeTransfer

We often find it cumbersome to transfer files as an attachment to other people. Especially those file that are large in size, it takes too long upload it on your e-mail account and if the file size is too large, even the email service provider does not allow you to send it as an attachment.

Anyhow if you find some service that allows you to transfer such large file, then you have to create an account by registering yourself with that server. But I never found those services very user friendly. As those services also have some limitations. If you are also going through the same problem, then WeTransfer would be the best option for you.

WeTransfer is an online service that allows you to transfer files to your friend or co-worker etc. To use this service you do not need to create any account. This service does not charge you anything except your bandwidth :P. The only limitation here in this program is that it will not allow you to transfer files if the total size of per transfer exceeds 2 GB. But in my view 2 GB data transfer is good enough.

To use this service, you just have to go to the website of the server and then you will be asked to enter your email address and that of the recipients. You can add up to 20 recipients at a time. Now select the files you want to send and then click on the ‘transfer’ button. The download link will be sent to all the recipients.

The interface of this service is very easy to use and is really very fast. The main problem in this service is that no option is provided to pause the upload. Once your upload fails, you have to restart it again. Otherwise this service is really good to use. Follow the link below and it will lead you to the website.

Visit WeTransfer

2 Replies to “Transfer Large Files Online using WeTransfer”

  1. I would like to share another way to transfer big files. Binfer makes it quite easy to transfer big files. The most I like about it is the auto resume of interrupted transfers.

  2. Forget Wetransfer! 8 hrS to upload 9 Gb, then a power failure at 85% and the story has to be started over, BECAUSE WETRANSFER PRO (120 USD/year) DOESN’T HAVE RESUME CAPABILITY!!
    Incredible! I thought it was a serious service but it’s worth nothing, So use it for free but don’t pay a cent for it!

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