Transfer Music and Videos from Apple Devices to Computer

If you use any of the Apple devices like iPod, iPhone or the iPad then you must have known that it is not possible to sync back the contents like music and videos from the device to the computer. This becomes a problem if your hard drive crashes and you don’t have a backup.

With a program called GizmoRip, now it is also possible to restore the contents from the Apple devices to the computer. The tool is specifically designed to serve this purpose, detects all the contents in the devices by itself and display them in the program interface.

After recognizing the contents in the device like the music or the videos, it can either restore all the data back to some location in the hard drive or to the iTunes. Either a single song or the entire content, just click on the recover button and the data would be restored to the desired location in seconds.

The freeware could not only be used to sync data back to iTunes but also vice versa that is even if you don’t have iTunes installed, it can still be used to transfer music and videos to the device. The program is compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system from Windows 2000 to Windows 7.

Download GizmoRip

6 Replies to “Transfer Music and Videos from Apple Devices to Computer”

  1. i tried it but the ‘install’ button simply doesn’t click…..

    i download the gizmorip and framework accordingly……

    while i tried to download the eventually gets downloaded and installed…..but when i tried to install the gizmo rip the install button doesn’t simply click…..other steps are done and they work fine but i am stuck in here…..

    please kindly help……

  2. it doesn’t allow to copy more than ten songs and it asks for registration……i think there is some misconception on your part..please kindly check……

  3. @Amit
    Seems like they have converted the software into a shareware noe, you can try searching for the cracked version online or may be on torrents.

  4. thank you so much for the response…..i will try as per your suggestion hope it will work……..

  5. dear sir,

    i tried a lot to find a crack or keygen for the software but couldnt do so…..i would be really grateful to you if you could kindly help me sort it out………you had personally helped to sort out a couple of issues in the past as well so i was just expecting you will help me to find a solution to this as well if it would be possible on your side……..

    thank you so much,


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