Transfer YouTube videos on your TV for easy viewing

Watching YouTube videos on your television is not a bad idea. But for that you have to download the video first using a downloader, and then you have to convert the video in the format that is supported by your TV. If we say that we have a utility with which you can easily send YouTube videos on your TV, what would be your reaction?

Yes, a utility is available by which you can take a YouTube video from a 17 inch screen to 32 inch screen and can view it easily on your television with your family and friends. The utility is called XBMC. It is an amazing add-on that supports other add-ons also. The XBMC has wide collection of skins to offer too.

In absence of Cable or DTH service, this is the best thing that one can have. The first step to use this utility is to install YouTube plug-in for XBMC. Get the plug-in downloaded from the link given below. Then go to the settings of your television and hook your computer or laptop with your TV. You will find YouTube present under the video option on your TV.

The second step is to find your network settings, for that pull up the “Network Settings” page of XBMC. Open it, turn on control by HTTP and allow programs on other computers to control XBMC. Then you have to get this add-on according to the browser you are using. After this whenever you will run YouTube, you will find XBMC tab under each video (tutorial also at the link below).

This is really a great add-on. It is supported by all operating systems like Windows, Mac (even PPC!), Linux and Apple TV. Download this add-on and enjoy watching videos sitting calmly on your couch.

Download XBMC

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