Transform Windows Taskbar into OS X Launchbar

Windows has a default and boring sort of Taskbar with no new features and looks while on the other hand if we see that of the OS X, the launchbar is very exciting and have a fresh look.

Now this is not a problem anymore as you can easily transform your Windows default Taskbar into the OS X launchbar with the use of a tool called Aqua Dock. Aqua Dock Is a free program that allows you to have an “OS X” style, nice animated launchbar / taskbar on your screen that reacts to your mouse when you move mouse over it.

This freeware can also customize the look of each item on the dock and set various animation options for when the mouse is over an item on the dock. In short, Aqua Dock is a task bar and a Windows program launcher that does it with Apple’s style.

Download Aqua Dock

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