Transform your iPhone into USB Flash Drive with Phone Stick

This is the same problem to all the iPhone users, and being one I too have to face this. What I miss in my iPhone, the most, is the ability to transfer images and other data like a USB drive. iPhone needs to be synced with iTunes to be able to transfer data to and fro from it which is more like a restriction in case you are away from your system or at some system that do not have iTunes installed.

iTunes looks more like a restriction to me than a benefit, and to overcome this we have a tool called Phone Stick. As the name of the tool suggests, the tool turns your iPhone into a usb storage device which can be used freely as a USB pen drive to store images, music, videos and other things.

Phone Stick is a simple utility that can make your iPhone act as a USB storage device to carry and store data just like you do otherwise on a pen drive and that too without the iTunes. So whenever you are travelling or at some system that don’t have iTunes installed, then this tool will help you a lot.

You just need to connect your iPhone into the system and run this program. You will then get to see the phone listed in the main program window. The phone now can be accessed a usb drive and the iPhone memory can be used to store large amount of data. You can directly access the photos, music and videos stored on the phone and transfer them to or fro from the computer.

The tool works well on all versions of Windows including the new OS Windows 8.

Download Phone Stick


PhoneStick is now Waltr, download Waltr

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