Transform your laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot with Bzeek

Android and iOS users must be well aware of the term called Wi-Fi hotspot. Those who don’t know what Wi-Fi hotspot is, then here is the brief description. Wi-Fi works with a router. Sometimes it happens when you don’t have a Wi-Fi router or there is no electricity in your workplace and you have got something urgent to work on internet, then using the WiFi is not possible.

So Wi-Fi hotspot helps you to manage your work and makes your device a Router with which you can access internet. A Wi-Fi hotspot application is there in iPhone and android devices with which you can make your phone as a Wi-Fi router and use your mobile network as internet connection on your device.

Similarly an application is available which can turn your laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Bzeek is a free tool for Windows users which allows you to do the same. You can share your existing internet connection with your friends by creating your own Wi-Fi network. Any Wi-Fi enabled device may become a part of your network.

When we are at home there is a lot of underutilized internet bandwidth. Sometimes when you are roaming and you don’t have an internet dongle and the other person sitting beside you may have it, then you can share his internet easily using this application. Isn’t it great? Moreover this comes very handy in case you don’t have a wireless router but want to access internet wirelessly on your phone.

From security point of view Bzeek ensures people connecting to Bzeek cannot access or even see your computer. This means they cannot see your files, know who you are, or have any kind of access to your computer. This is really a very nice concept that will help you a lot. You should definitely give it a try. It works with all versions of windows.

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