Transform your Laptop into Wi-Fi Hotspot easily

In this modern age of wireless computing, everything is becoming wire free whether it is the hardware like keyboard, mouse or the wireless router. Also when we have so many devices that can use the wi-fi feature to access internet, today most of us have a wireless router at our home or office etc.

In case you are running with a wired router at your home but have recently got a new wifi enabled tablet and want to use the wireless internet on it, then here is simpler option rather than purchasing a wifi router. Just turn your laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot which you can share on any wifi enabled device you have like your cell phone, tablet etc.

Transforming your laptop’s Wi-Fi into a hotspot is very easy and can be done using this free tool called Connectify. The tool is very simple to use as you just need to set a username, password and select the internet that you wish to share. That is all, clicking the start button will start the hotspot and you can now use any of your wi-fi devices to use this internet.

This will definitely save your money which you would have spent on purchasing a wifi router (at least for sometime). The Wi-Fi shared is secure and even you can see what all devices are connected to your hotspot. Moreover if you have some gaming console like Xbox, this will connect with it too.

The tool is a shareware however you could still use it with some limited features (no limitation while accessing the internet). So turn your laptop into a wifi hotspot anywhere with this tool. A must have in my view. What do you think, drop a comment below.

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