Transparent Desktop Clock for Windows

Desktop Clock is very useful in lot of ways; at least it is to me. Part from showing the time of not only current month but also of any future/past date, it also improves the look and feel of the desktop. If the clock is good looking then it improves how our desktop looks like, isn’t it?

Be it Windows Vista or Windows 7, every OS have a desktop clock by default which we can choose from among some limited options available, however they are more or less the same. Here is a desktop clock for Windows that looks really cool and different from others. It also improves the look of our desktop.

The clock is called TheAeroClock and is a simple portable app which can be directly run to have it working in the system. The main feature of this clock is that this simple but beautiful clock comes with alpha transparency which means that while displaying the background image it still shows the transparent clock.

The clock is also very much capable of customization and thus is easy to configure it according to the size or color of our choice. This clock requires no installation and can be directly run even from a USB drive. The app is compatible in all versions of Windows OS.

Download TheAeroClock

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