Trick your Friends with your Own Error Pop Ups

If you wish to play some pranks on your friends or just play a small joke on them then you can do that using a tool. Playing a harmless prank can be fun and can also share some tense moments but do take care that the pranks you create are not that serious.

Here is a small free tool called Dr.Windows, which is really a harmless joke/prank/trick program that will periodically display funny joke error messages to users. The tool comes preloaded with 50 funny error messages that can puzzle your buddy using the same system in which you installed this tool.

The interesting feature of this tool is that, it looks like that the program is actually protecting software to safeguard against infections. The “Protection Enabled” checkbox (as seen in the snapshot below) doesn’t actually do anything but is used just to trick people.

You can exit the program from the tray and a good point to note is that the buttons as provided in the popups of the application does nothing. Moreover users can also create their custom error windows.

Download Dr.Windows

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