Trim Text easily using Text Trimmer

Editing text in text editors like Notepad or Wordpad is not that easy especially when you require trimming the first few columns of every line in the text.

So what to do in that case? Here is a free and small tool called Text Trimmer that can come handy in this situation. It makes use of two modes Block and Mass that can remove unneeded text from documents easily.

The Block mode is used when we require editing based on the block of the text. Just select this mode and use the combination of Alt + Left Click, the whole block can then be moved, cut or copied.

The Mass mode on the other hand is rule based which means it can be used to mark blocks based on rules defined by the user. It is for instance possible to mark all lines starting, showing or ending with the < char or trim all text from the beginning to a certain character.

Download Text Trimmer

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