TS wishes Happy Diwali 2013 to all the readers

Diwali which is the festival of light is celebrated across India by everyone. The preparations for the celebrations begin much earlier than the day itself, where people decorate their house, buy sweets and lights. As a part of decorations use Diyas, candles, lanterns and other stuffs to decorate house. It is really an awesome sight to see the houses shine at their brilliance. People also light crackers and fireworks as a part of the celebrations. It is a really exciting festival for everyone and is celebrated by everyone across the entire country.


This year too, i am celebrating the festival as a get together with my friends where we will all dress up traditionally and light the candles and Diyas. The event will also have lots of eateries like sweets and traditional Indian food (which i have been missing for long time now). Fireworks which i witnessed on July 4th were the last fireworks of the year and it did remind me of Diwali too.

Here’s wishing you and your family a Happy and Prosperous Diwali.  Hope you guys have great festive season.

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