Turn any Image into Jigsaw Puzzle with Firefox

Remember the old time when we used to play the jigsaw puzzle? Well you can still play this favourite game of yours on your system and that too with any of your favourite image used for puzzle.

Yes, you can convert any image, whether stored locally on your system or you came across online, into a puzzle simply by having an add-on installed for your Firefox browser. The add-on is called as Puzzle, and what it does is, it adds an entry in the context menu using which you can convert any image into a puzzle pieces and use it for playing.

Even if the image is stored locally on your machine, you can just open it on your Firefox browser either selecting Open with option or just dragging it on to it. Then just right click over it and select the Puzzle option to create it into pieces.

You can select different levels for the puzzle game, for instance if you select lower level, the image would be divided into smaller number whereas to increase the difficulty level if you select higher level, your image would get divided into more pieces.

Dividing the image and then using it for play is pretty simple and you can do all this by selecting the options from the right click context menu. P.S. that the add-on is only for the Firefox browser only.

Download Puzzle add-on

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