Turn any Windows Application into Portable App

Portable apps are always better than the installed ones as we don’t have to worry about using the same system again. Moreover if you are someone who travels a lot and likes to keep your most used tools along, then portable apps are the solution for this but the problem here is that not all programs are portable.

There can be many reasons why an application is not made portable; you can read our yesterday’s post for the details. But we have come across one tool that can help us a lot. The tool is called Cameyo and using this we can make any (or at least most of the) applications portable.

Cameyo is a free simple tool used for Application Virtualization with which you can make an app portable to be used in a flash drive or from some cloud server.

How Cameyo works:

• You need to install Cameyo first in the system.
• So now when you install an app, just make sure to click the “Capture Installation” button so that it can record the changes that the tool had made in your system.
• Cameyo will create a snapshot of the system and when you are done, you can stop the monitoring.
• It will then analyze the system and create the necessary files required by the tool to be portable like the Program Files, App Data and Local Settings etc.

With Cameyo, you can club all the necessary files and settings like the registry, DLL and config files into a single package that can be taken and used anywhere and on any machine.

Cameyo has been find to work on many tools like iTunes, Chrome, Skype, Live Messenger, FileZilla etc. Cameyo has also got a package manager in which you can update the files according to you say when a new version of the application is out. [via]

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