Turn Off Laptop Monitor Display when Idle

There are times when we wish to just turn off the laptop screen without turning off the laptop like when you are listening to music or downloading something and want to keep the lid open, then it would be a good option to turn off the display as this will save some electricity.

The problem with most of the laptops today is that only few of them option to turn off the screen display when idle but for the laptops of the brand like Dell there is no provision. This led the author of this tool called “Turn Off LCD” to create an application for the same purpose.

Turn Off LCD is an application in C# using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. It’s basically a simple console based application that makes use of a dll(User32.dll) file from Windows using System.Runtime.InteropServices namespace and then calls the required function.

Turn Off LCD tool turns off the monitor when run and resumes it when any key is pressed or the mouse is moved. The tool is free and small in size. Turn Off LCD doesn’t even require any installation and can be run in all versions of the Windows.

Download Turn Off LCD

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  1. How do I include a third party .dll file when I am building or publishing a program in visual studio 2008? The goal is to create a singele install file that contains the required .dll file and will place the required .dll file where needed on the users computer for the program to work.

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