Turn your iPhone Camera into Search Engine with CamFind

If you have been thinking that your iPhone camera is only for clicking photos and shooting videos then I must tell you that you are mistaken. There are many more stuffs that the phone camera is capable of doing. From capturing the moments, to scanning the barcodes or using as a document scanner, your camera can do wonders. This article will let you know how to use this camera to find anything on Google just by shooting with it.

If we ask most people “how do they search for an item in Google”, a common answer would be by typing the query on Google but do you know that traditional text-based search will be almost obsolete in the near future? People are using smartphones and tablets to have the Internet at their fingertips while they’re on the go, not while they’re sitting at the office.


This is why, today, we can make use of voice based search to find anything on Google. Now here is an addition to that, you can use your mobile phone camera to initiate a visual search on Google too. Didn’t get me? Well, you just need to click anything (almost anything) with your iPhone camera and the identified image will be directly searched on Google for various related results. All with the help of this app called CamFind.


How CamFind works?

All you need to do is just shoot something you want to enquire about, let CamFind recognize it for you and the related search results will be provided right there on your phone. For instance, if you take a snap of the movie poster, CamFind will show related trailers to the movie, local show timings, links to IMDB and other related stuffs.

CamFind can also work as a translator to you. Say, you are in a new place where you can’t understand signs in the local language, so just take a snap and let it translate the results for you. (Note: Do take care while doing this as it might change your language settings, thus it’s better to know how to change the language before trying this feature).

CamFind also helps to scan the barcode just like RedLaser and also incorporates voice search feature in case you don’t wish to use the visual search feature.

The app is currently available only for iOS users and is free. If you like the app then you can try it and if you don’t then you can just save time of typing terms in your mobile browser.

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