Turn your WiFi On or Off Automatically with Wi-Fi Matic Android App

Our smartphones are so smart that we don’t even need a computer to perform our daily tasks and when combined with the support of WiFi, it can do lot many activities. While using WiFi on the phone is very easy and simple, the only thing is that it consumes lot of battery when connected to the WiFi.

Therefore, it becomes very important for the users to enable or disable the WiFi on the smartphones. While we can do this manually, there are occasions when we forget to turn it On or Off. Say you are leaving your home and forget to turn the wifi off, then your phone will consume the phone battery unnecessarily trying to scan the networks.


Well, you can use some apps for the purpose of managing the wifi connections for you automatically. Here is one for your Android devices called as Wi-Fi Matic. This app lets you automatically turn On or Off the WiFi of your phone whenever you enter or leave a prior connected WiFi recognized by your phone.


Wi-Fi Matic is an Android app that activates and deactivates Wi-Fi of your device automatically depending on your location, helping you to save battery and consumption of data through your operator network. It detects automatically the location of known Wi-Fi networks (f.i: home, office, etc.), turns on Wi-Fi when you arrive a place where there is Wi-Fi, and turns it off when you leave that place.

The app uses your operator network cell identifiers (cell tower identifiers) as the relative location where you are, and where your Wi-Fi networks are, and doesn’t make use of the GPS to save battery.

If you liked the app, then it is worth giving a try. Download it from the link provided below.

Download Wi-Fi Matic

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