Tweak your Windows 8 to Improve Performance with 8Smoker Pro

By default the OS providers like MS only provides us with the default system settings that we can use and change to make the system work according to ourselves. Some Power users might make use of the registry tweaks to customize the system accordingly but that is only limited to the users who are well aware of the changes they are making. Hence some third party tools are developed to tweak the Windows as per our needs and something that can be done by larger audience.

TweakXP is one such commonly used but famous tool that is used to tweak some settings in Windows XP. Using such tweaking tools one can tweak and customize the Windows to suit their needs and also to improve its performance and security. For Windows 8 here is a similar tool called as 8Smoker Pro.

8Smoker Pro allows you to change various settings in the Windows Registry doing which can improve the system performance and security significantly. The tool is quite simple to use and you don’t need to be a power user to make use of the options. Even if you are a simple user you can customize Windows.


With 8Smoker Pro you can easily increase the performance and the security of Windows 8 and prevent other users from changing your settings. There are few categories that you can choose from in the tool like Tweaks, Maintenance, Security and Passwords.


In the tweaks section, you can tweak the IE, Performance, Startup manager and other items, whereas in the Maintenance section you can use options like Disk Usage, Disk Cleaner, Shared DLL, Shell Browser and Control Center.


Security category lets you manage the security of your system, logins, control panel, desktop and explorer etc. whereas the Passwords section can be used to create, change or remove any password that exists in the system.


There is an option of DriveFreeze in the security category that can be really helpful as it allows you to disable any removable drive whether USB pen drive or a disc like CD/DVD.

If you like to try 8Smoker Pro then you can get it from the location below.

Download 8Smoker Pro

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