Tweak YouTube and Hide Watched YouTube Videos with YouTweak

We all like watching videos on YouTube, don’t we? The one good thing about it is that based on our activity it automatically suggests us the next video that might interest us. Say, if you are watching some prank video then all the suggestions for the next video will be of similar video and if you use YouTube on different computers then there is no way to remember what all videos you have watched already.

Here is a simple Chrome extension that will help you tweak YouTube for many features once installed. This extension is called as YouTweak and as the name suggests it can be used to tweak certain default functionalities on YouTube.


Features of YouTweak:

Remove Watched Videos: if you happen to spend your time and internet bandwidth on watching the already watched videos, then with this extension you can easily remove the watched videos. After the installation, you will see a Remove Video button right beside the video, clicking which will remove the video from appearing again in the suggestions.


Set playback video quality: You can set the playback video quality to a setting as you like so that whenever the video starts you don’t have to manually do that again.

Redirect the YouTube Icon: If you feel the YouTube icon on top left is useless and there is some web page that you visit quite often, then you can manually enter the link so that this icon always redirects to this new link.

Stop autoplay of videos: If you don’t want the YouTube to automatically play the videos one after another, then you can enable this feature to stop the autoplay of videos.

Delete watched Videos: There is one more option that is similar to Remove Watched Videos, however this will delete all the watched videos from your subscriptions.

If you think this extension is worth a try, then you can get it from the link below.

Download YouTweak

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