Tweet Upside Down Flipped Text on Twitter

So are you bored of typing your tweets on Twitter the same way again and again? We surely miss the formatting and styling that could have been added to the tweets. Moreover the limitation of 140 characters sometimes annoys us.

Well here is an online service using which you can easily send flipped text as your tweets on Twitter. Interesting isn’t it? Well using this service is so easy that what you all need to do is just type in your original straight text and while typing you will see the same text getting flipped below.

The service is called FlipTwits and is completely free to use. You don’t even need to sign-up for the service as well. Just enter your text in the box to get it flipped upside down, click on “Send Flip Tweet” button below. The service will ask you for the Twitter login (safe to provide). Enter the information and click Allow. Your tweet will be published on your account flipped upside down.

This is surely a great way to impress people and tweet differently.

Visit FlipTwits

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