Type on your Android Phone through Computer Keyboard

We can’t deny the fact that typing via keyboard is easier than typing from a touch screen phone and anyhow if your phone’s screen is not that much responsive then it really becomes cumbersome to use it. Now here is a technique that can help you to connect your android phone with your keyboard so that you can type easily using your keyboard.

So you can connect your phone with a keyboard using a USB cable or Wi-Fi. The application that will help you in establishing the connection is WiFi Keyboard which is a simple and easy to use application for android device that allows you to type on your phone using your computer’s keyboard.

Once you create a connection between your keyboard and our android device, it will start working as ordinary input method. However connection via Wi-Fi is much easier because USB mode requires adb (Android Debug Bridge) command line tool to work.

The first step to start using this app is to download and install it. Then go to your phone’s Settings – Language and Keyboard (or Locale and Text) and enable “WiFi keyboard” in the list. Now go to “Select Input Mode” and enable WiFi keyboard. Then Run your Chrome browser and type in the address bar, in the browser window you will be provided a space where you can type using your keyboard.

Browsers other than chrome are not recommended. If you need to connect it using USB, then you need “adb” command from Android SDK. Type “adb forward tcp: 1111 tcp: 1111” in command line. Then connect your computer’s browser to http://localhost:1111. You can start using the app and drop a comment below to let us know about it.

Download WiFi Keyboard

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