Ubuntu Transformation Pack for Windows XP

Ubuntu is a great OS that fulfills the excitement one misses in usual Linux Operating System. Ubuntu is liked by many and is free to use.

But for all those of you who wish to use Ubuntu but can’t help it without Windows XP then the Ubuntu Transformation Pack is right for you. One of the biggest advantages of Windows XP is that one can transform it into any OS of their choice and use and feel the experience without actually installing the OS.

Features of Ubuntu Customization Pack:

•    Ubuntu theme for XP
•    Visual styles
•    Screen saver
•    Cursor and boot screen
•    Ubuntu sounds and utilities

How to Install

If you are wondering how to install, then do not worry there is a txt file in each of the folders that will guide you to how to install.

Recommended: Since the file is uploaded by some other person, then i would recommend you to first scan the rar file before using.

Download Ubuntu Transformation Pack for Windows XP

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