Unblock and Watch Blocked Youtube Videos

While in most countries most videos are supported on the Youtube which you can watch and enjoy easily but there are some videos that are blocked. Moreover in some countries like Germany, Spain and Netherlands most of the videos are blocked which is very frustrating to the viewers.

The message that comes up when you try to view a blocked video is

Unfortunately, this video is not available in Germany because it may contain music for which GEMA has not granted the respective music rights

While you can search for another video there are other ways of unblocking it too and in case you are using the Firefox browser then there is nothing better than this Firefox extension called ProxTube – Unblock YouTube.

When you have this add-on installed in your browser, you won’t have to reload that video again, as the add-on will take care of the video itself. It will reload the video for you while being on the Youtube website only and you will also don’t have to redirect to some third party website.

The extension has been found to work great in Germany, Netherlands and Spain and you will see a message right below the video “ProxTube is unblocking this video” which will enable you to enjoy the video instantly.

Download ProxTube – Unblock YouTube

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