Understand Cloud Computing in easy way

In this fast moving world each one of us wants to save time by uploading our data online for quick access from everywhere. It happens with all the people that they use different kinds of stuff on regular basis, somehow other people associated with them would also like to use that stuff so a hosted service has been designed which allow them to log into a Web-based service which hosts all the programs the user would need for his or her job.

The name of this service is Cloud Computing which allows you to save your data online. It does not require any installation of any application and the stuff present on this service can be accessed from any computer (with internet access)

Some most common examples of Cloud Computing are Yahoo, Gmail, Google Docs etc. It provides computation, data access, data management, storage resources to users and they can use it without having any knowledge of cloud infrastructure.

Suppose if you host a website on your system or on local server, you have to install WAMP on Windows or LAMP for Linux to keep your website live. However, Cloud Computing provides you require configuration and bandwidth on their server. Cloud Computing is done on various layers which are Cloud layers. The functioning of Cloud Computing will get clearer by the flowchart given below.

Advantages of cloud computing:

• Easy to use and does not require any expenses.

• Easy transfer of files from one server to another.

• Easy access to your files from anywhere

• Works smoothly with high performance

• Your data is secured and can be recovered anytime


• You have to trust on Cloud service provider for security of your precious data

• Whole of your database is with third party so again it requires trust.

However Cloud Computing has been recognized very well in short span of time and many big name brands like Google, Yahoo, Amazon etc. which are investing heavily in it.

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